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Who we are

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Conscious Care Group Pty Ltd

Conscious Care Group collects and stores information so it can provide a safe working environment, high quality services and meet its legal requirements.

Conscious Care Group manages personal information in accordance with relevant legislation and disposal guidelines.

This policy supports Conscious Care Group to apply National Standards Disability Services: Standard 1: Rights and into the future, National Disability Insurance Scheme Practice Standards: 1. Rights and Responsibilities (Privacy and Dignity); 3. Provision of Supports (Access to Supports)

Your privacy

This page is about your privacy. Privacy means

  • things we know about you
  • what we do with what we know.

This page will tell you

  • what we know about you
  • why we know things about you
  • how we will use what we know
  • how you can change what we know
  • how to make a complaint.

There are laws to protect your personal information.

  • Personal information could be about
  • your name
  • where you live
  • your date of birth
  • your health or disability information.

We will keep your information private. Private means we will not tell people about it unless we have to.

What we keep

We keep personal information about different people. For example

  • people who use the NDIS
  • our staff
  • disability service providers.

The personal information we keep is

  • your name
  • your bank account
  • information about your disability
  • what supports you get.

We will not tell anyone about your personal information.

How we get personal information

We get personal information from

  • you
  • someone who helps you with the NDIS.

For example,

  • a carer
  • disability service providers
  • other government departments.

You can give consent for other people to give us your information.

Consent means you say yes.

  • You do not have to give us all your personal information.

If you do not consent we might not give you

  • supports you need.

We might ask you for your information

  • by phone
  • by email
  • in person.

If you are not sure the person you speak to is from Conscious Care Group you can

ask them to say your NDIS reference number, call Conscious Care Group and ask for the person.

If you think you spoke to someone who is not from the NDIS do not tell them your personal information email

How we use personal information

We use personal information to help us

  • give you services
  • manage the NDIS
  • contact you.

We might need to tell other people about you because they

  • help with your NDIS plan
  • give you supports you need.

When you get an NDIS plan you consent for us to tell service providers about you.

We might keep your Tax File Number. Tax is money you pay to the government.

A Tax File Number is 8 or 9 numbers long to tell the government about the money you make.

We cannot tell you about your Tax File Number. To find out about your Tax File Number you can contact the Australian Tax Office

How we keep personal information safe

We keep paper records safe in our offices.

  • Our offices have secure access. Secure access means you need a special pass to get in the building.
  • We keep information on our computers safe.
  • We only tell people your information if the law says they can know.

About our website and social media

We might find out your personal information from

  • our website
  • our portal
  • our social media.

For example, Facebook.

We get information about how people use our website. For example,

  • what website pages people look at
  • what documents people look at online
  • what people search for online.
  • We do not know the personal information of people who use our website.

You can stop us from knowing what you do online at this website

We will not email you unless you tell us to.

You can tell us if the personal information we have about you is wrong.

We can tell other service providers about changes to your personal information for you.


Date of approval: 21 November 2022

Date of review: 21 November 2023